Discipline / Disputes

For Information or help with discipline and dispute issues please contact Richard Bennett vp@sahaonline.org, 256-990-2793.

USA Hockey has provided a memorandum on how to handle disputes in the annual guide.This Memorandum provides guidance to those within USA Hockey that have the occasion to impose suspensions or other discipline. The provisions by which discipline may be imposed against any USA Hockey Member are set forth in Bylaw 10 of the USA Hockey Annual Guide. The information in this memorandum is not new and does not change the existing Bylaw provisions, but merely clarifies and reiterates their application.

When in doubt, you should refer to the provisions of Bylaw 10. USA Hockey, and any Affiliate, local league or organization, Council, Committee or Section must follow Bylaw 10 in imposing discipline. Bylaw 10 may be amended only through the Bylaws amendment procedure, not through amendment to Rules or Policies. Courts will generally not interfere in disciplinary proceedings when USA Hockey has followed the provisions of its Bylaws. However, when a party is suspended without being afforded the rights accorded to them in the Bylaws, courts may intervene and overturn the suspension for failure to follow the Bylaws. Attached to this memorandum are certain sample documents that may be useful for preparing notices to parties that are or may be disciplined

Bylaw 10 (2009-2010) 

Discipline and Dispute Memorandum

  1. Sample Notice of Hearing (letter to Party advising that a hearing will be conducted)
  2. Sample Notice of Summary Suspension (letter to Party advising of suspension and right to a hearing)
  3. Sample Hearing Committee Decision
  4. Sample Appeal Authority Decision

Authored By: Casey Jorgensen, Rich Becker, John Tobin, Steve Stapleton, Al Bloomer, Brad Bekkedahl and Richard Coombs, Members of USA Hockey Legal Council. Submitted and Approved By: USA Hockey Executive Committee, June 9, 2007. 5 of 11