Disabled Hockey

Disabled Hockey Programs are supported by USA Hockey across the nation and prove that hockey is for everybody. These programs are divided into five “disciplines.” The five disciplines are: Standing/Amputee, Deaf/Hard of Hearing, Sled,  Special Hockey and Military.


SAHA’s Disabled Committee Chairs

Ed Ragland – eragland@hiwaay.net


For more information about Sled Hockey within SAHA – please contact the following:

Georgia – Dan Carmody – ddcarmody@gmail.com 
Alabama – Ed Ragland – eragland@hiwaay.net


Sled Hockey Basics Video

SledHockeyBasicsDVDThanks to John Hannon, Erich Waldrof, Bill Bodkin, Norm Page, Kevin Newbold, Don Emmerson and various others, USA Hockey has a a new Sled Hockey Basics video. This video is over an hour long and includes everything from information about the sled, equipment, basic drills and skills, along with off-ice training. This video is available free of charge to anyone that would like it. To request a copy, please email DisabledHockey@USAHockey.org. You may also download the video (.mp4) here or watch a preview on YouTube.


2011-12 Sled Grant Program

team_sled_adult_and_youthUSA Hockey and the USA Hockey Foundation is offering a new sled grant program to assist new start-up sled programs. The purpose of this grant is to help with the initial costs of getting a new sled program off the ground and to ease some of the initial financial burden by providing five (5) new sleds to a participating program.

It is quite easy to qualify for this program. Applicants must submit a Sled Grant Application Form, the new sled program must be in its first year of operation and a financial statement and/or budget must accompany the application.